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Top Tips To Spring Into Home Organization

Posted by Ben Bennett on Apr 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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Once you've finished, spring-cleaning is a satisfying undertaking — that is, unless your house remains unorganized after all the dusting and sweeping and cleaning of grime. When clothes and footwear, weather and travel accessories, papers and books are all strewn together in piles and stuffed in or under something, no matter how clean you get a house, it won't feel comfortable.

Add These General Home Organization Accessories

Getting your house organized permanently is as important for state of mind as cleaning it regularly. Most of the time, there are simple fixes that can noticeably change the feel of a home's organization.

  • Mop and broom holders: Specially designed holders help keep your mops and brooms upright and out of the way.
  • Magazine holders: Stop spreading paper piles, and organize magazines into holders to keep them ready for you to read.
  • Umbrella stand: Gather your umbrellas together and store them by the door. Keep them in an attractive umbrella stand for easy access when leaving the house and for tidy storage when you return.
  • Spring-cleaning bucket: Gather all your cleaning tools and accessories into one easy-to-grab container. You won't have to waste time looking for cleaning supplies or go back and forth fetching forgotten sponges.

Update Your Garage Organization

Dollarphotoclub_53531424.jpgHomes often feel disorganized because there is a lack of storage space, and specifically a lack of closet and closed storage space. If you are intent on organizing your house and are aware that the biggest issue you have is storage space — and you are determined to do something about it — start with the garage first.

By organizing your garage, you increase the amount of usable storage space in it, which means you can begin moving important and delicate items out of your house. Moving the things out of your house that make it feel cluttered is a major step toward giving your home the organizational feel you want. Taking advantage of the space in your garage can help you get the inside of your house organized.

Custom Garage Cabinets

One of the most dramatic organizational decisions you can make with respect to your garage are garage cabinets. Garage cabinets keep dust off your valuables and equipment. If you have a storage system in your garage that will protect what's inside from dust, you can begin moving things like old pictures, winter clothes and equipment, and home decor you're no longer using out of the house and into the garage.

Bike Hooks

Utilize vertical and overhead space by adding bike hooks. You can then store your bicycles out of the way, saving them from damage and freeing up space formerly occupied by cumbersome wheels and gears. Hooks also can be used to neatly store extension cords or hoses.

Large and Small Baskets

Baskets of various sizes can be incorporated into your new garage organization. Hang some from the undersides of cabinets. Insert baskets onto shelving. Place one or two near the entrance. These baskets can either be dedicated holders of similar items — such as sports equipment in the off-season — or catch-all containers for items that have no place of their own yet. Or you can use them for items you plan to donate or trash.

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Convert Your Closet into a Home Organization Haven

Once your garage is organized, you can begin organizing the inside of your house. An important area to start in is the closet. An organized closet space can be key to keeping clutter in control by giving all your things their own designated area.

Do you have a walk-in closet that feels more like a utility than a luxury? Adding a custom closet system will transform it into a living space you enjoy using and are proud to have. Custom closets are ideal because you can make the design of the closet fit the layout of your house. If you have a corner of the house you don't use and can't decide how to utilize the space, imagine how you could fit a custom closet in it appropriately.

You also can customize your existing closets with accessories.


  • Adjustable shelves: Your belongings change over time, and so can your shelves. Choose adjustable shelves to fit to your things rather than forcing your things to fit into a generic space.
  • Drawer organizers: These can be adjustable or not; either way, they help keep the little items from mingling with other little items. These are handy for jewelry, office supplies, socks, keys, etc.
  • Accessory racks: Dedicate space organizers to specific accessories to not only keep things organized but also keep them together in one spot. No more searching for that scarf or belt.
  • Purse hooks: Specially designed hooks just for purses, totes, handbags, and so on help keep these items in good shape and from cluttering your closet.

Spring is here! Contact us to learn more about improve your home’s organization today!

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