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The Benefits of Wall Beds

Posted by Ben Bennett on Jan 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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Is your home tight on space? Do you wish you had an attractive, comfortable sleeping situation for your children and guests without taking up an entire room with a bed? It sounds like what you need is a wall bed.

Also known as a Murphy bed or foldout bed, a wall bed is designed to provide a comfortable place to sleep at night while hinges allow it to fold up against the wall during the day. Old-fashioned Murphy beds weren’t very attractive when tucked away, with the underside of the frame visible to the entire room. Fortunately, things have changed in the past few decades. Today, you can find wall beds with amazing style and functionality, all with the comfort of a thick, standard-size mattress.

Still not sure if a wall bed is right for your needs? Consider the benefits that await you once you install one in your home.

Wall Beds Maximize Floor Space

When you don’t have much room to spare in a small apartment or dorm room, you don’t want a queen-size bed to take up a vast majority of the room. You could settle with a tiny twin bed and make due – or you could enjoy the best of both worlds by using a wall bed!

With this setup, you enjoy all the comforts of sleeping on a full or queen-size bed thanks to a supportive, 11-inch thick mattress. Then, when you get up in the morning, simply fold the bed up against the wall and recover all that precious floor space. Thanks to the ease of using modern wall beds, it’s not difficult to lift and lower the mattress each day. In fact, making the bed is a more difficult chore!

Wall Beds Give Your Kids Room to Play

353.jpgHaving their own bedroom is a big deal for kids. This is their place to escape to, their private room to decorate the way they want. If the room is so small that your child only has space to sleep and get dressed, it’s much less functional.

You can address the problems with a small kid’s room by installing a wall bed. The ability to tuck the bed up against the wall reveals valuable floor space for your child to spread out and play during the day. As an added perk, kids have no choice but to clean their room before bedtime to create space to lower the wall bed for the night.

Another option perfect for kids’ rooms is a desk bed. This smart system works as a functional tabletop during the day. Then, with a quick twist, the desk portion lowers to the floor and a mattress pivots down from the wall, providing a comfortable place to sleep at night. This space-saving solution helps your child make the most out of a small bedroom.

Wall Beds Create Multi-Purpose Rooms

Do you really want to set aside an entire room for guests? This square footage is a waste of space most weeks of the year. Your guests may appreciate having a room all to themselves when they stay over, but having a dedicated guest room isn’t the best use of space.

A better option is to create a multi-purpose room with a wall bed. Most of the time, you may use the space as a craft room, toy room, or home gym. Then, on the rare occasions when house guests stay over, you can move the craft table, toy chest, or gym equipment to the side temporarily and lower the wall bed. Your guests still enjoy the privacy they crave without paying for a hotel, and you still enjoy a functional room when your guests return home.

Wall Beds are Comfortable for Guests

Let’s say you don’t have the luxury of a spare room. You can still accommodate guests by installing a wall bed in the living room or office. From day to day, the tucked away bed looks like nothing more than an attractive cabinet. Then, when guests stay at your house, you can fold down the wall bed to create a comfortable place to sleep. Even if you don’t have a private room for your guests to use, this option sure beats sleeping on a sofa bed or futon!


Wall Beds are Well Designed

136.jpgMany people unfamiliar with the beautiful designs of today’s wall beds may picture exposed springs on the underside of a bed propped up against the wall. The appearance of modern wall beds couldn’t be further from this! In fact, various stunning designs completely hide the wall bed from sight.

One of the most attractive options available today is perfect for a home library or study. The entire unit looks like a large bookcase, but the central shelves slide apart on rollers to reveal a queen-size wall bed hidden out of view. When guests come, you can temporarily convert your study into a guest room. For the rest of the year, you have a beautiful, functional bookcase to add beauty to your home.

Other options include wall beds hidden behind bi-fold doors or beautiful cabinets. Vertical and horizontal orientations help wall beds work with the square footage you have available.

Regardless of the design you choose, wall beds are highly functional and convenient to use. A spring-balanced mechanism makes raising and lowering the bed a doable task for a single person. Bedding straps hold sheets and blankets in place, so you don’t have to remake the bed every night when it’s time to sleep. Pillow storage compartments in some wall bed models keep everything you need to accommodate guests all in one place.

Are you considering increasing the floor space in your home by adding a wall bed? If so, contact Boston Homespaces to learn more about the solutions we offer!

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