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Savvy Custom Kitchen Storage Ideas

Posted by Ben Bennett on Jun 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM


It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether you are a master chef or culinary novice, chances are that you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Often, this is the place where the hectic schedules of family members finally collide as you gather together for a quick bite or four-course meal. In either scenario, one factor likely remains the same: your kitchen is cluttered. From dishes to small appliances, organizing everything in your kitchen is a breeze with these five savvy custom kitchen storage ideas:

1. Dish Drawers

Dish drawers are deep, sturdy drawers that are designed specifically with the intention of storing and organizing hefty dishes. These drawers can be configured in a number of different ways, yet usually they are equipped with racks of varying sizes. These racks hold everything from small saucer plates to large dinner plates and coffee mugs in place. With a designated space for each dish, it is much easier to locate the one you need, when you need it.

2. Custom Kitchen Pullout Shelves

At some point, everyone experiences that frustrating moment when they realize that the pan they desperately need has been pushed to the very back of the cabinet. In traditional cabinets, this requires you to reach to the back of the cabinet to successfully get what you need. In the process, it’s likely that many items will fall to the ground amidst the clamoring of pots and pans. This isn’t limited to pans, however, and frequently occurs when searching for spices, utensils, small appliances and so on. To simplify your life, consider adding custom kitchen pullout shelves. With these shelves, every item in your cabinet can be pulled out at once. You can quickly identify the location of the object you are seeking and grab it without having to rearrange everything else in the cabinet.

3. Custom Pantry

A custom pantry is, perhaps, one of the greatest custom kitchen storage ideas. Instituting a pantry organizational system allows you to tailor your pantry to your lifestyle. If you are a wine connoisseur, simply add a wine rack to free up space. If you frequently swap out linen tablecloths, add hooks to easily access your collection. Other custom pantry accessories, including pullout drawers and fruit storage baskets, allow you to display everything from cookbooks to apples. The options are truly endless when you are designing a custom pantry for your kitchen.


4. Kitchen Pegboards

Pegboards have commonly been utilized in garages as a tool organizer for decades. These days, they are also making their way into kitchens around the globe. A kitchen pegboard allows you to organize pots, pans, spatulas, measuring cups or other kitchen utensils in a convenient, space-saving way. With a pegboard, you are able to view everything at one time, eliminating the time-consuming task of digging through drawers or cabinets in search of your favorite pan or your tried-and-true wooden spoon. The pegboards themselves can be altered in size, shape and color to truly act as a custom storage piece.

5. Spice Storage

While variety may be the spice of life, the variety of spices in your kitchen is likely taking its toll on your cabinet space. Many homeowners, whether they enjoy cooking or not, find that they accumulate large amounts of spices over time. These bottles often take over an entire, valuable shelf in a kitchen cabinet, leaving little room for much else. Likewise, it becomes difficult to find exactly what spice you are looking for when you need it. With a custom spice storage system, whether a rack or other design, you are able to view all of your spices in an instant while freeing up cabinet space.

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