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Home Organization: Update Your Craft Space

Posted by Ben Bennett on Feb 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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If you are like most crafters, you probably have a few projects on the go, but are a little bit overwhelmed about the disorganization of your craft supplies. Creativity is not always synonymous with organization: you may have the bug of both or you might like to envision beautiful things without taking into account how to keep those supplies neat and tidy.

You may have watched your grandmother keep her knitting in a small basket at her feet while she stitched a sweater in a living room chair, but quickly realized the same system won't work if you use craft paper, fabrics, needle or thread. Whether your organizational system just needs an upgrade, you're starting off fresh with a new crafting technique or you are creating a craft space for the first time, here are some home organization tips for making a functional and comfortable space to work.

1. Organize Paper in Stackable Drawers or Magazine Holders

You bought those pieces of paper for specific reasons. They were just the right shade, the texture was to your liking and it had a place in your next creation. Sticking all your paper in a pile on your desk is a bit inefficient -- especially if you'll have to thumb through the pages to find just the one you're looking for.

There are some better home organization options. Magazine holders keep letter-sized paper together in a way that's easy for you to see them and locate the one you need. When you are trying to decide on just that right piece, examining them side-by-side can help you make the right decision. Magazine holders fit easily onto shelves, desktops or bookcases.

For those more difficult-to-store scraps and irregular pieces, consider stackable clear drawers. You can open the drawer and move the pieces around to find the one you want and not waste any stray bits. Drawers help you keep the pages flat so they won't become damaged or unusable. Transparent drawers let you know what's inside before you look in, and external labels can help you keep track of what supplies are housed in each space.

2. Put Ribbon in Drawers, Too

When you buy ribbon, you should always hold onto those cardboard inserts. They are invaluable for keeping ribbon rolled up when it's not in use. Tape the ends of the ribbon rolls to the cardboard to keep them in place. If you have ribbon you're not sure how to store, affix one end to a toilet paper roll with tape and wrap the rest around.

You can see what you've got in ribbon storage if you also keep them in those clear drawers. Glancing from the outside, you should be able to spot any remnants of the piece you loved so much from a few projects ago. Sort them by type, for example, fabric versus plastic, or by color, season or pattern. Knowing what you've got makes it easy for you to gather all the supplies necessary for one crafting binge, for example, scented drawer sachets to give as gifts during the holidays.

3. Color Coordinate Fabric

homecraftorganization.jpgSewing requires an organizational system all its own, so you have the space to iron and cut the fabric, trace the pattern and run the fabric through the sewing machine. The last thing you want to do is struggle to locate the fabric you know you have and that is just perfect for the garment you want to make.

Use shelves to store folded, pressed fabric and arrange it by color. That way, you can also repurpose your fabric for another crafting project that does not involve garment sewing. A fabric end, with a few quick modifications, might become stylish gift-wrapping or a tote bag. At a glance, you can see what shades are available in your fabric supply and what you might need to purchase from the store.

4. Utilize Wire Drawers for Home Organization

Clear plastic is great to keep items dry, dust-free and protected. However, wire drawers are another great alternative to open shelves. Fabric is hidden away but still visible and easy to access when you are ready to sew. When it's time to do a shopping trip, you can take a quick look at your existing supply without having to open up a series of opaque drawers.

5. Create a Spool of Thread Rack

Is your thread dumped in a plastic bin? If so, you probably dig through that bin each time you start a new sewing phase. That's great if it works for you, but if it doesn't, try a rack to keep thread organized and untangled. You can change colors in an instant or experiment with different weights and materials in a pinch.

6. Store Buttons in Spice Jars

That thread bin may also have buttons strewn about as well. If you'd rather not chance it when it comes time to add buttons, using whatever you come across that might work with the garment, keep your buttons sorted and viewable in repurposed spice jars. Then you'll know for sure if you have the perfect color and size you need.

Love Your Craft Space!

Your craft space should never become a barrier to your creativity. If your space doesn't quite work for you, let us help you get organized. Contact us to let one of our professionals help out with your home organization today!

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