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Custom Closet Lighting Solutions

Posted by Ben Bennett on Jun 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Closets have a notorious reputation for being cluttered and dark enclosures. Because they are often nestled quietly away in bedrooms or hallways, they are easily overlooked when it comes time for renovations. For decades, bedrooms, hallways and entryways have been upgraded and customized while the closets they house were left untouched and doomed to fulfill their destiny as dull and dreaded storage facilities. Fortunately, interior design and home storage solutions have merged in recent years, leading to the innovative concept of custom closets. Unique and useful storage accessories certainly eliminate the clutter, but many closets still remain dimly lit. To fully maximize the efficiency of your closet, explore these four custom closet lighting solutions.

1. Shoe Lighting

Many homeowners with custom closets opt to install a specific accessory to showcase and organize their shoes. Whether this is a traditional shoe fence or something else entirely, installing shoe lighting allows you to make the most of your impressive display. There are numerous options for creating a lighted shoe display, though one of the most common involves placing LED lights behind the shoes. Other shoe lighting techniques include the use of spotlights or lighted, horizontal glass cases.

2. Overhead Closet Lighting Fixture


Many closets are built with overhead ceiling fixtures already in place. The problem with these standard fixtures is that they are often small, one-bulb fixtures that do not provide much in the way of illumination. This leaves the closet remaining too dark to be fully functional. By replacing or newly installing overhead lighting fixtures in your custom closet, you have the freedom to decide the level of brightness your fixture will put forth, as well as the overall aesthetics of the light fixture itself. From chandeliers and pendant-style fixtures to recessed and adjustable lights, you have the ability to choose which style is most suitable for your personal tastes and overall custom closet design.

3. Mirror Lights

Mirrors are one of the most common accessories added to custom closets. Some of these are fixed in place, while smaller closets may feature retractable mirrors. While other lighting installed in the closet may increase your ability to view your clothing and shoes, adding lights directly on or above your mirror allows you to see yourself more clearly. Some homeowners opt for adjustable spotlights, while others choose a mirror that integrates LED or fluorescent bulbs.

4. Purse Lighting

Your coveted purse collection may be extensive, or you may stick to a few age old favorites. In either case, illuminating your purses with custom closet lighting is a great way to ensure that you are able to quickly view and access all of your bags. As is the case with shoe and mirror lights, your lighting preference may vary depending on the type of display you have in place. For racks or shelves, fixed or adjustable spotlights and LED displays are popular. Still, you may prefer the more exclusive look of a glass showcase cabinet. With this accessory, the cabinet is generally backlit with LED lights.

Are you considering upgrading the lighting in your custom closet system? Contact us today to schedule an on-site design consultation today! With a professional consultation, you can rest assured that your custom closet lighting will be specifically catered to your organizational needs in your existing space.

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