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The Complete Guide to Wall Beds

Posted by Ben Bennett on Apr 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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If you’re short on space at home but still need comfortable spots for your family members and guests to sleep, it’s time to get a wall bed. This type of bed stays tucked away against the wall when you don’t need it, and then it easily folds out into a bed when you need a place for someone to sleep. If you’re not familiar with wall beds, take a look at how this type of bed can benefit your family and what options you have as you shop for one.

What Is a Wall Bed?

If you’re having trouble visualizing why you need a wall bed, think about the benefits of a sofa bed, but in an even more comfortable and convenient package. This is because it doesn’t require you to have any furniture taking up space in the room. It folds up and stays flat against the wall any time you’re not using it. As soon as you need the bed, you can simply pull it out from the wall so it sits on the floor.

136.jpgThe clear benefit of a wall bed is that it saves space, which is helpful when you have a small house or bedroom. Many people use wall beds in their guest room, allowing them to use the room for other needs when guests are not staying there. For example, if you want your extra bedroom to serve as an exercise room most of the year, but you need a place for guests to sleep once in a while, a wall bed is ideal. This way, instead of having to awkwardly add a bed into a sea of workout equipment in the room, you can fill up the bedroom with your exercise gear and only move it aside when you need to unfold the wall bed for guests. Of course, if you don’t have an extra bedroom, you can add a wall bed to your family room or any other part of your house to accommodate guests.

Even if you don’t expect guests to stay the night, a wall bed may still be a good idea for your house. This type of bed is perfect if you have a small bedroom and don’t like the idea of your bed taking up all the space when you only use it at night. The same benefit applies to kids’ bedrooms. If your child’s room is too small to play in during the day, a wall bed offers some extra space until bedtime.

Wall Bed Styles

Wall beds were once pretty straightforward in that they simply folded flat against the wall or into a closet when not in use. These days, you have some great options when you buy a wall bed. Not only are certain styles of wall beds functional for when you need a place to sleep, but they’re also practical during the day because they offer storage.

Library Murphy Beds

For example, if you plan to add a wall bed to your home library, why not make it a Murphy bed that has bookshelves on it when it’s folded up? This way you can put books and decorative accessories on it when you’re not using it, making it a practical part of your library for most of the year. This might not be ideal for a wall bed you plan to use every night since you’d have to remove your items to fold it out, but it’s perfect for a guest bed you rarely use.

Cabinet Beds

Another wall bed style to consider is a cabinet bed. This type of wall bed comes with cabinets and shelves on both sides. When you fold up the bed, it looks just like the cabinets that surround it, allowing it to blend in to the rest of your furniture. This is great for when you have a wall bed in your living room, family room or even a small bedroom.

Desk Beds

     354.jpg              353-1.jpg

Yet another style of wall bed is the desk bed. This type of bed is functional as a desk during the day, and when it’s time to sleep, the desk folds against the wall as the bed comes out. This option is great for kids’ bedrooms and home offices when space is at a premium.

Regardless of the style of wall bed you want, you can rest assured you’ll get a bed that takes up limited space and is actually comfortable to sleep on. Wall beds come in several different sizes, including full and queen, and their mattresses are known for being on par with traditional beds. This makes them a great alternative to the typical guest sleeping arrangements, such as sofa beds and air mattresses, which may not be as comfortable.

Are you considering adding wall beds to maximize space in your home? Schedule a free on-site design consultation with us today. We’ll be happy to help you determine which wall bed would be best for your house and which room it would make the most sense in. We can also help you better manage your space in general through our home organization consultation. Call today to discuss your options!

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