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Closet Updates Suitable for Your Summer Style

Posted by Ben Bennett on Jul 13, 2017 2:19:09 PM


Now that summer is here, you might be changing up your wardrobe so you can fully enjoy the warm weather. As you switch from jeans to shorts and bathing suits, you’re probably noticing that your closet is not quite as prepared for summer as you are. Maybe you still have some jackets prominently displayed, hiding your swimwear and sandals from view, or perhaps the whole closet simply looks disorganized. Regardless, it’s time to clean it up, starting with a purge and possibly ending with a custom closet built just for you. Here’s how to take your closet from mediocre and messy to organized and impressive.

Deep Clean Your Closet

If you didn’t already clean up your closet during spring cleaning, it’s not too late. Summer is a great time to clean out this part of your home before you start organizing and upgrading it. After all, you don’t want to waste precious time organizing clothes, shoes and fashion accessories that you no longer use.

Now is the time to purge anything that’s taking up space so you have more room for all your favorite items and the closet accessories you’ll need to organize them. This way, you can easily find your bathing suit, flip flops, hat and any other apparel you’ll need this summer.

Add Accessories to Get Organized

Once you get rid of any items you don’t use anymore, you should be left with only the clothes and shoes you like to wear. Your next step is to organize them all, and you can do so easily when you use the many closet organizers available to you.

For example, if you have lots of accessories, such as belts, scarves and ties, you can neatly hang them up using accessory hangers. If you have several pairs of shoes or even odds and ends that would be difficult to hang up, consider a tiered valet for your closet. You can also get baskets to throw your smaller summer accessories in, whether those include sunglasses or swimwear. This is a start to getting an organized space that resembles your own custom closet so you can easily find your clothing and accessories this summer.

Consider Adding a Custom Closet


If you want to avoid having to organize your closet all over again next summer, think about improving your storage space with a custom closet. This way, you have a dedicated spot for everything from clothes and shoes to fashion accessories of all kinds. Instead of having to purge and reorganize your closet one or more times per year, everything you need will remain easily accessible from one summer to the next.

You can simply tell us what you need to store and organize, and we’ll create a custom closet solution that works for you. Depending on what’s in your closet, the newly organized space could include shelves of all sizes, hanging rods, shoe racks, jewelry organizers, roll-out storage baskets and more. You can even request elegant details, such as a retractable dressing mirror or fold-out ironing board for your custom closet.

If you’re ready to get the closet of your dreams, contact Boston Homespaces today. We’ll help you schedule a free home on-site design consultation so you can get the custom closet you need this summer and beyond.

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