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6 Irresistibly Efficient Custom Closet Accessories

Posted by Ben Bennett on May 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM


If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you're greeted by utter chaos when you open the door to your closet. From stacks of shoes and piles of clothes to random household odds and ends, closets continually prove to be one of the most difficult areas in a home to organize. This is often due to the fact that there is little more than a rod to accommodate clothes hangers. You may have even attempted to implement your own organization system, only to find yourself once again frantically searching for a tie to accommodate your favorite blue suit or cautiously diving to the closet floor in hopes of reuniting with your sassy, red stilettos. To institute some order in your closet, consider designing a custom closet that is catered to your specific needs.

Whether you have a small closet with limited space or a large walk-in that lacks structure, you can transform the space to maximize its efficiency with custom closet accessories. These custom closet solutions save valuable space and time while eliminating the frustration commonly associated with disorganization. Consider implementing these six irresistibly efficient custom closet accessories in your design.

1. Jewelry Organizer for your Custom Closet


Jewelry boxes are classic storage systems, but they are often small and do not present an efficient display of your items. Adding a custom jewelry organizer to your closet offers a larger space to store your jewelry while also allowing you to view each piece as you choose your clothing. This makes accessorizing your ensemble a breeze.

2. Roll-Out Storage Basket

For items such as scarves, socks, or other odds and ends, consider adding custom roll-out storage baskets. These baskets disguise the items inside while still allowing them to be easily accessible. With permanent baskets in place, your closet will have more structure, allowing for a thoroughly organized closet.

3. Built-In Ironing Station

Ironing boards are big and bulky and take up valuable space when stored away in a traditional manner. If you frequently iron your clothing, consider customizing your closet with a built-in ironing station. Simply pull the board out when in use, and fold it up when you are finished. The board securely tucks away without occupying usable closet space. As an added bonus, having the ironing board in your closet eliminates the need to travel from room to room.

4. Shoe Fence

Shoes are often carelessly tossed to the floor of closets because there is no designated space for them to be stored in pairs. Eventually, the entire floor is covered in mismatched shoes who have gotten separated from their counterpart. Building a custom shoe fence allows you to choose a specific size and shape that best accommodates your unique space. In the end, you will be able to display all your shoes in pairs and eliminate the hassle of searching for that long-lost left shoe.

5. Belt and Tie Storage Rack

belt-storage-rackMany people opt to hang their belts and ties on traditional clothes hangers, but the result is a tangled mess that ends up hidden behind bulky sweaters and jackets. A belt and tie storage rack is ideal for organizing these items in a manner that prevents tangles and allows you to view each article without searching through your closet.

6. Custom Closet Hidden Mirror

Full-length mirrors are a must-have item in every home. Unfortunately, they can take up a lot of space. A retractable dressing mirror can easily be installed in your closet to give you the option of a full-length mirror when you need it without becoming a permanent, space-consuming fixture. Instantly, pull the mirror out to get a glimpse of your head-to-toe get-up, and effortlessly slide it away when your outfit has been perfected.

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