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5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Organization Consultation

Posted by Ben Bennett on Mar 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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Being a professional home organization consultant goes way beyond what people normally see on TV reality shows. Getting help with putting a home in order is one of those things that can boost your quality of life. In fact, even your relationships will be happier when someone monitors the house organization and takes this burden off your shoulders.

But besides just fixing up your home organization and telling you what to toss or keep, a home organization consultant can help you make lasting changes to your organization skills. Being more organized can help you meet your overall goals in every other aspect of life.

Let's look at some specific reasons you might need a home organization consultant.

1. A Home Organization Consultant Comes to You

6207312254_2b471028f5_o.jpgOrganizing your home may be one more extra, tedious thing on your very long to-do list. It can be time-consuming and that may put you off from tending to it. When you consider the time spent going shopping for new fixtures, furniture pieces or built-in closets, the task seems even more daunting.

Instead of you having to schedule a time and way to get to a consultant's office, you have the luxury of a home organization consultant meeting you in the privacy of your own home. In this comfortable and convenient space, you are then able to ask more questions, and the consultant can get a better idea of your lifestyle and personal needs. You have more time to chat about home organization options, so you use consultation hours more efficiently. Also, you don't have to waste a second in traffic.

2. The Consultant Will Assess Your Space to Meet Your Needs

During a home organization consultation, you can expect the home organizer to ask lots of questions. This is so that he or she can gain a good understanding of your goals and aesthetic preferences. Everyone's style or lifestyle design and goals are different, and being able to capture one's personality and essence when making positive changes is an art.

The consultant will listen and learn important details from you regarding those particular aesthetic preferences. You may want to have custom-made closets designed, you may require more space for being better organized, or you may want the consultant to show you how to achieve your organization goals without spending too much money on unnecessary restructuring.

3. A Home Organization Consultation Provides Solutions

To improve your overall organization skills and habits, the home organization consultant will be there to give you tangible solutions. A home organization consultant can recommend the best storage solutions, including custom closet solutions, as well as making recommendations on how to organize your garage, pantry and entryway so that everything you need is within reach and you know where all items are. Custom garage cabinets are becoming a popular way for homeowners to utilize space. Check out these awesome custom pantry designs for inspiration.

4. A Home Organization Consultant Will Give an On-Site Estimate

When deciding how much you will be budgeting for home improvements, it is best to get an on-site estimate from the home organization consultant. This way, you will be able to know exactly how much is necessary to pay upfront, and you can both be realistic when discussing costs. Plus, when the professional designer is in your actual home space, he or she can use digital technology to show you how your space will look when the organizational process is complete. This is an easy way for you to get an idea about the results.

5. The Most Important Reason: To Increase Overall Organization in Your Home!

303.jpgYour end goal is a more organized, efficient space to both live and work in. But it is sometimes hard to get a handle on your own clutter unless someone from outside steps in and coaches you, giving you easy solutions. The home organization consultant also acts as a coach to train and guide you as you make this positive improvement. You may have to change bad habits, manage your time better, hone your organization skills, and so on. So be prepared to change even your mindset when it comes to your personal space. Once your home is more efficiently organized, you'll be even more productive, have more time for other things, be energized, and be inspired in your newly organized space.

As more and more people start to make the transition to working from home, it's also essential that your home office becomes one that inspires you to get up every day and meet your goals.

Whether you want to make tiny improvements, or huge, encompassing changes, the goal is the same: You need to get better organized, and part of that is having someone who can come in and define the process for you. It is also much easier to get motivated when you have a consultant answering your questions, making lifestyle improvement suggestions, and being on call for you every day.

Do you need help getting your own home in order? Contact us to get your on-site home organization consultation scheduled today!

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