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5 Clever Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

Posted by Ben Bennett on Feb 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Traditionally, garages were small, dusty caves with hardly enough room for a couple of cars, but still served as the primary storage space for all the things that were too heavy to get into the attic or used too often to put into the basement.

Today's garages may be much bigger, but as it's become much less common to have a shed in the backyard, we are filling them with more stuff, from the lawn mower, weed whacker, and garden hose to the bicycles, skis, and camping equipment. It's not uncommon for all the recreational gear, all the gardening tools, all the regular tools, the workbench, the deep freezer, and just about everything else to go in the garage!

Rather than treat your garage like an embarrassing skeleton closet, take pride in your garage for what it is: the place you put all your favorite things that don't belong in the house!

There are five upgrades you can make to your garage that will dignify and organize it, making it a usable living space you can enjoy!

Garage Organization: ORG Signature Garage Cabinets

garagecabinets-1.pngUp to 48" wide, you can transform your garage with ORG signature garage cabinets. Wall mounting makes construction simple, fast and secure, and cleaning straightforward. The design of the garage cabinets do not allow for insects and rodents to intrude without easily being detected.

 ORG garage cabinets are sturdy and durable. Made of thermal-fused melamine, the shelving, walls, and top and bottom pieces are all an inch thick. The shelves can be adjusted and reset quickly and have heavy-duty, European-style hinges and hardware.

Best of all, ORG garage cabinets are stylish and sleek. The transformation these cabinets create is nothing short of dramatic.

If you're tired of using old dressers, plywood bookshelves, and the old bathroom counter you replaced to organize your garage, ORG signature garage cabinets are the perfect solution.

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Decorative Flake Floor Coatings

Aside from the cobwebs plastered to every corner and hanging dustily from the ceiling, the ugliest part of your garage is probably the concrete-slab floor. Sure, it was probably finished smooth, but still, it's concrete. If you want your garage to begin feeling like a usable living space instead of the kitchen pantry's ugly cousin, you need to do something about the floor!

A decorative flake coating will completely transform a garage floor. With a variety of finishes to choose from — including granite and terrazzo — the right concrete coating system is exceptionally durable and will not wear through under heavy traffic, or peel as the result of humidity or temperature changes.

Spill, leak and stain-resistant, decorative flake floors made of hybrid polymer composites bond to the concrete and are covered with a transparent finish that makes gasoline and oil spots, wet paint, and mud, dirt, and grime easy to clean up. UV resistant, the decorative flake floor will remain beautiful for years to come.

Garage Organization Systems

garagecabinets.pngIf you're going to upgrade your garage with cabinets, a new floor, and laminate walls, it is important you have the supplies required to keep it in tip-top shape. And if you are going to have cleaning supplies for the garage, they're best kept coordinated in a garage pantry organization system.

With hooks to hang your work clothes, drawers and shelves to place cleaning supplies in and on, and plenty of space to wrap around a hot-water heater and a fuse box, a garage pantry organization system allows you to hide everything that is required to keep your upgraded garage clean and tidy.

Make Parking Easy

An organized garage is easier to park in — no more banging the doors on the lawn mower as you get out of your car, for example!

You can also help protect your car further by cutting a pool noodle in half and mounting it to the height of your back bumper on the garage wall.


Not everyone has the space in their house for a man-cave, or a woman-cave for that matter. A forterra is typically thought of as something that goes inside a home. But if a garage upgrade is intended to transform it into a workspace that you can use as a station for home improvement projects, vehicle maintenance and repair, and/or a place to get away during some alone time, a forterra can serve as the centerpiece of your upgraded garage.

New Forterra™ systems are sleek in design and have modern-convenience storage and garage organization solutions. New Forterra™ has an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio as the result of an innovative honeycomb cell structure and hardy panel skins. With panels that have remarkable structural integrity, New Forterra™ systems were designed to last longer and maintain their sophisticated look.

A forterra is a perfect place to house an in-garage entertainment system, work and instruction manuals, and non-work related electronics. Surface shelving spans are available in lengths of up to 60” and 2” thick, which means the sagging and warping characteristic of traditional composite panels does not affect a New Forterra™ system.

A storage and design upgrade makes keeping the garage tidy and usable exponentially easier. Contact us at Boston Home Spaces to schedule a free on-site design consultation to improve your garage’s organization today!

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